RoScan Analyzer is a software tool to view and analyze 3D models captured with RoScan 3D software package using Robotic 3D Scanner. It allows detail exploring of model, switching between several layers (brightness based colouring, smoothness nased colouring etc.), merging several surfaces into one model and mainly measuring of physical attributes.

Main software features are:

  • Rotating, shifting and zooming of 3D model
  • Switching between several surface colouring layers
  • Measuring of physical attributes of entire model or user selected parts - volume, surface, distances, angles.
  • Merging of several surfaces into one model
  • Displaying model metadata

This software requires Microsoft .NET framework 4 or higher already installed on target computer. Software is still alive and its updates are prepared.

RoScan Analyzer analyzes 3D models captured with RoScan 3D software. For more information about capturing 3D models see RoScan 3D page.

Latest version

Version number:
Release date: November 2014
Licence: freeware

RoScan 3D & Analyzer setup package
size: 4.36MB, last modified: 25.11.2014


This work was supported by the project CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology (CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0068) and FNUSA-ICRC (CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0123) from European Regional Development Fund.

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Finished another bigger mapping project in France. Over 20 km2 of new map was created by me and 6 colleagues. You can check list of my orienteering maps.

Mapped small orienteering map in my home town Brno for traditional event Adamna Cup.

Finished another 2 maps with area of 27.9 km2 for French national team and French national Championships. You can check list of my orienteering maps. This is my 40. orienteering map I have made.

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