OrienteeringResultsOnline (abbreviation ORO) is software for providing online results from orienteering competitions. First version was released at 2004 and was much more improved since that. Capabilites of this software are:

  • online results from finish (after readout)
  • split time table immediately after readout
  • online results from radiocontrols
  • projection of results and splittimes, more projectors supported
  • supports providing online results on the giant LED screens
I was very focused on the simplicity of the program, you can provide online results in few clicks. Only computer and internet connection is required, easy to use. Program is no longer developed.

Used at significant competitions

This system was for example used at these competitions:

Older online results could be found at the old pages of this system: http://online.adamna.net.

Latest version

Version number:
Release date: September 2009
Download: on demand, contact me for more information


Documentation of solution of online results from WOC 2008 in Olomouc is described in following document in Czech language.

Solution of online results at WOC 2008 (Czech)
size: 282.07kB, last modified: 19.08.2014

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Latest news

Updated list of publications with latest conference papers.

Finished another map with area of 7km2 in French Pilat. You can check list of my orienteering maps. This is my 32nd map I have made.

Added two gold medals from Czech Championships to the collection. Thanks belong also to my teammates from relay and team competitions.

I have been reaccredited as IOF Event Adviser for period 2016-2018.

Updated my CV with employment at BUT - UAMT, which started at the begin of year. I also quitted ICRC at the same date.

Updated research outcomes with Registered Industrial Design with device for postural stability diagnosis and treatment.

Updated list of publications with latest published journal article.

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