ORO Data Receiver is simple tool for sharing data from wireless connected radio SI units among several programs. It occupies serial port where radio unit is connected, reads data and save them to the text file with defined structure. Other programs reads this file to acquire data provided by radio device. It was developed for use with OrienteeringResultsOnline and OB2000, but it is usable with any other software. Program is no longer developed.

Latest version

Version number: 1.0.0
Release date: August 2006
Licence: GNU GPL

This software is unfortunately unable to download because my computer was stolen with my backup disc, so I don't have any copy of this software.

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Latest news

Finished another 2 maps with area of 27.9 km2 for French national team and French national Championships. You can check list of my orienteering maps. This is my 40. orienteering map I have made.

Mapped another small orienteering map in my home town Brno.

CV was updated with finished PhD study.

List of publications was updated with latest conference paper.

Updated list of publications with latest conference paper, article in impacted journal and doctoral thesis.

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