MZM Data Storage was created by myself and my colleagues from Adamna NET. It is collective project of CITeM and Technické muzeum and was ordered at our company in 2007. It covers all acts and processes during saving, publishing and managing of data collection at museums, including access management, service tools, etc. This software allows:

  • Describing data with structured metadata according to DublinCore standard.
  • Adding metadata-described data collections to data-storage.
  • Searching in metadata, downloading of results.
  • Automatic backuping to backup memory.
  • User content access control and rights management.
  • Service tools for database maintaining.
  • All metadata are saved in database and also in XML file, possibility of cross-reconstruction.
  • Other tools for complex administration of data storage.

Detailed manuals and other inormation about this project are available in Czech language on CITeM pages.

Latest version

Version number:
Release date: March 2010
Licence: GNU GPL

MZM Data Storage - installation package
size: 246.07kB, last modified: 19.08.2014

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Updated list of publications with latest conference papers.

Finished another map with area of 7km2 in French Pilat. You can check list of my orienteering maps. This is my 32nd map I have made.

Added two gold medals from Czech Championships to the collection. Thanks belong also to my teammates from relay and team competitions.

I have been reaccredited as IOF Event Adviser for period 2016-2018.

Updated my CV with employment at BUT - UAMT, which started at the begin of year. I also quitted ICRC at the same date.

Updated research outcomes with Registered Industrial Design with device for postural stability diagnosis and treatment.

Updated list of publications with latest published journal article.

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