1997 Enter to orienteering club Žabovřesky Brno
1998 First orienteering competition
1999 First competition without tapes (only with map) = also first competition over 2 hours :-)
2000 Got over from loss of tapes = begin of orienteering career :-)
2002 First medal from Czech Championships
2002 Selected to Czech Youth team
2003 Selected to first EYOC, winning relay
2004 First time winning all Czech Champs
2004 First international individual victory - EYOC sprint
2005 Selected to JWOC (in early 17 years), first JWOC medal (relay)
2007 Winner of JWOC relay (against Lundanes)
2008 Invited to Kalevan Rasti
2010 Tiomila victory
2010 Selected to WOC Norway
2011 Tiomila second victory
2011 Selected to WOC France
2012 Two medals from WUOC Alicante
2014 Tiomila third victory

I've practised orienteering since I was little child. During all this time, it has been the most beatiful sport which I've loved to do. It gave me sense for beauty of free movement in the nature, it gave me some first success and helped me to find selfconfidence after vexation at maternity school. It helped me to make my first money, gave me my love and many other unforgettable experiences. And I hope it will still continue like this!

World and European Championships

World University Championships

Junior World Championships

Tiomila and Jukola Relay

European Youth Championships

Czech Championships

International Events

Other results are not so imortant or I forget them :-) All my other results could be found by links at page Orienteering results.

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Latest news

Mapped another small orienteering map in my home town Brno.

CV was updated with finished PhD study.

List of publications was updated with latest conference paper.

Updated list of publications with latest conference paper, article in impacted journal and doctoral thesis.

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