Night-O Test (18/01/2013)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Choceň
Organiser: Czech Team
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle
Projected distance: 5.20 km
Distance: 6.4 km
Time: 36:00
Pace: 6:55 min/km
Route pace: 5:38 min/km
Night-O in difusing vegetations close to Hradec Králové. At the begining I ran well, but then I was not as much concentated as necessary and made 30 + 40s mistakes - both from lazy reading of situation close to control. During rest of race I had a problems with precise direction keeping, on the longer legs and at 11th control. I must do an orienteering much more precisely, as before!!!
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Night-O Test (18/01/2013) Night-O Test (18/01/2013)