TC Vidnava - NightO (06/04/2012)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Vidnava
Organiser: ZBM
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle
Straight-line distance: 6.70 km
Route distance: 7.94 km
Time: 46:47
Straight-line pace: 6:59 min/km
Route pace: 5:54 min/km
This terrain is a little bit bushy which makes the night challenges better. I made few smaller mistakes, but still controlling my orienteering. At 17th I was confused by new path so I decided to go safer way - from the road. I think it as a tactical soulution, becouse I think it as more safe to go on road when you don't know exactly where you are. I don't play risky and I think it is good.
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TC Vidnava - NightO (06/04/2012) TC Vidnava - NightO (06/04/2012)