Jukola Relay 2014 (14/06/2014)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Kuopio
Country: FIN
Discipline: 7leg relay
Leg: 2.
Projected distance: 11.40 km
Climbing: 385 m
Distance: 12.92 km
Time: 82:00
Pace: 7:12 min/km
Route pace: 6:21 min/km
This year I failed. At the first control, I was not seld-confident enough to go different route choice (straight) at the very end of 1st control, where I was going with group via route. After that, I ran well, but at the 15th control, I chose wrong route choice - it was better to avoid the green (2 min.), then I made a mistake at 16 (1 min.) and made a bad route choice again at 17 (1 min.). Finally, I avoided green at 19, but here was better to go straight across the green (30 sec.). So after the "pseudopublic passing", I lost almost 5 minutes to Philippe, what is a shame. But I failed the first time and also in the second team, what is good that I dont influenced the result of first. Congratulation guys, well done! And I hope that this was a statistically-requested failure and next time my performance will be good again!
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Jukola Relay 2014 (14/06/2014) Jukola Relay 2014 (14/06/2014)