Czech Night Championships (part 1) (20/04/2013)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Rachvala
Organiser: SJC
Country: CZE
Discipline: night
Projected distance: 11.50 km
Climbing: 415 m
Distance: 5.87 km
Time: 36:09
Pace: 3:09 min/km
Route pace: 6:10 min/km
Expecting boring terrain and surprised that at night, there were some technical areas. Enjoyed the race. After control 14, I hit the stick to sole of my shoe, which penetrated through the sole and got stuck there. I try to pull it out, but didn't succeed. I continued to run, but it was difficult to run with it so I tried to pull it out many times (red places in the map:-). The pain was unbearable, so finally I took off my shoe, and using force of my teeth I pull out that marshy stick :-) Than I continued without problems :-) In this part of race, i made also some mistakes, mainly in bushy parts, which were not mapped correctly (also mapper, who is a begineer, confessed, that at bushes, there are some distortions).
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Czech Night Championships (part 1) (20/04/2013) Czech Night Championships (part 1) (20/04/2013)