CESOM 2013 - long (14/04/2013)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Šajdíkové Humence
Organiser: Kobra
Country: SVK
Discipline: long
Projected distance: 19.80 km
Climbing: 220 m
Distance: 20.47 km
Time: 90:21
Pace: 4:34 min/km
Route pace: 4:25 min/km
Fast, easy and very long long distance. I expected all these parameters so I was not surprised, made no mistake and if I were not been two times at toilet, I would overally won. I enjoyed it, one need not run technically chalenging competitions every day ...
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CESOM 2013 - long (14/04/2013) CESOM 2013 - long (14/04/2013)