Night-O training (23/02/2013)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Barbate
Organiser: Thierry
Country: ESP
Discipline: corridor
Straight-line distance: 6.30 km
Route distance: 5.62 km
Time: 49:15
Straight-line pace: 7:49 min/km
Route pace: 8:46 min/km
Stay sharp or go home - so I went home. The begining, when there were some features, was runnable for be, but then, the slope with no features came and I get lost. And when you get lost, you can go home :-) Fortunately, I saw the Thierry's light and I ran there for a help (close before 2nd control). Then I was albe to manage some short part of corridor and I got lost once again because I was not self-confident enough. So this training was a big shame for me, because I went home twice! :-) Tomorrow I will try once again to succeed at this tzpe of training. Wish me a good luck! :-)
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Night-O training (23/02/2013) Night-O training (23/02/2013)