Orienteering intervals (19/01/2013)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Lesní hřbitov
Organiser: CzechTeam
Country: CZE
Discipline: relay-type intervals
Straight-line distance: 7.60 km
Route distance: 8.57 km
Time: 44:05
Straight-line pace: 5:48 min/km
Route pace: 5:09 min/km
Very very fast training with average speed 5min/km. Considering bushes and fallen trees in area, it is really fast. I enjoy it and I am glad to compete with to many strong guys together. Me performance was controlled in technical skills, but physically I should make an improvement.
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Orienteering intervals (19/01/2013) Orienteering intervals (19/01/2013)