Grand Prix Olomouc (05/10/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Olomouc, centre
Organiser: UOL
Country: CZE
Discipline: sprint
Straight-line distance: 2.60 km
Climbing: 30 m
Route distance: 3.69 km
Time: 14:05
Straight-line pace: 5:25 min/km
Route pace: 3:49 min/km
Nice and technically demanding sprint race. But, like everytime in Czech, it was pity that some parts of map were almost unreadable, so some good runners were disqualified because of running through flowebeds. The flowerbeds close to 7th control should have only black outline, not the lines inside, what is the mapper responsible for. Then the circle of 6th and 7th control should be cut in the detailed part what is course setter responsible for. And finally, the organizer should be checking who is running through that flowerbeds and write then on the list ... But it is the chronical at the sprint competitions in Czech, I haven't run any sprint this year where all was correct. It is the big problem of education of organizers how to organize competitions!!
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Grand Prix Olomouc (05/10/2012) Grand Prix Olomouc (05/10/2012)