Czech Long Championships - final (30/09/2012)
Category: Competition without GPS
Map/area: Skokovy
Organiser: PHK
Country: CZE
Discipline: long
Straight-line distance: 12.90 km
Climbing: 650 m
Very nice race in the sandstone deep valleys allowing nice route choices. My tactic was to go as straight as possible, because I knew that Radovan prefers technically demanding route choices more than easy running on the tracks. I also set this tactic because I am much more faster in terrain than on track. I ran safe race without mistakes, on some legs I lost time because I ran very straight, a little run round was a better choice. But totally I am satisfied with this results, the three WC medalists were unreachable at this race.
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Czech Long Championships - final (30/09/2012) Czech Long Championships - final (30/09/2012)