Czech Relay League - race 6 (16/09/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Krnany
Organiser: PGP
Country: CZE
Discipline: relay
Leg: 3.
Straight-line distance: 7.60 km
Route distance: 8.46 km
Time: 39:49
Straight-line pace: 5:14 min/km
Route pace: 4:42 min/km
Really nice terrain for relay. It was nothing very difficult, but comparing to yesterday, it was an orienteering today :-) The map was a high quality made by very good mappers Sokolar and Drbal. Running at this terraing on this map was a pleasure for me, and even it was nothing technically demanding, I enjoyed the race a lot. It was one of the fastest races which I've ever run - 4:42/km - and also the map reading was neccessary. Looking forward to relay championships!
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Czech Relay League - race 6 (16/09/2012) Czech Relay League - race 6 (16/09/2012)