Vidnava - middle (30/08/2012)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Vidnava
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle
Straight-line distance: 5.20 km
Route distance: 5.81 km
Time: 38:50
Straight-line pace: 7:28 min/km
Route pace: 6:41 min/km
Middle training on the course of the 1st stage of Grand Prix Silesia this year. Just after the start, I was suprised, how this map is old. The competition was held on the 4 years old map, where planning of route choices according to the runability was a lottery. I was lucky that I was not taking part at this competitions, because I would be very disappointed. But finally, when I get used to this old map, I enjoyed the running in nice forrest.
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Vidnava - middle (30/08/2012) Vidnava - middle (30/08/2012)