WUOC - relay (06/07/2012)
Category: Competition without GPS
Map/area: Santa Pola / Alicante
Organiser: FISU
Country: ESP
Discipline: relay
Leg: 2.
Projected distance: 6.50 km
Climbing: 250 m
I have nothing to say to this event, it was very easy running competition, much more faster then yesterday at middle distance. Easy controls, only pushing. I made no mistake, but there was some fail on the other leg, so the next medal target was not completed. But it happens, and that is why the sport is interesting.

Note: I tried to find my lost map from relay, but I didn't succeed, so I draw my route on the previous map, which was very similar to the new one.
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WUOC - relay (06/07/2012) WUOC - relay (06/07/2012)