Jukola - 6th leg (17/06/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Vantaa
Country: FIN
Discipline: 7 leg relay
Leg: 6.
Straight-line distance: 10.30 km
Climbing: 380 m
Route distance: 11.1 km
Time: 61:11
Straight-line pace: 5:56 min/km
Route pace: 5:31 min/km
6th leg of Kalevan Rasti's second team, 10th place, the best second team, good result! Very nice competition - for Finns in basic Finnish forest, for me in beautiful forest :-)

Personally, for me, it was not the best performance, but still I am content with the result - 3 minutes behind the best is not so bad for me. At the begining I realized my plan - no mistakes and I think I was running also fast. But during the time, when I was in contact with the Gonon, I didn't run so secure and made some smaller mistakes. In total, I think I could avoid about 1:30 of mistakes.
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Jukola - 6th leg (17/06/2012) Jukola - 6th leg (17/06/2012)