Czech Middle Championship - final (10/06/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Raztoka
Organiser: TZL
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle
Projected distance: 5.50 km
Climbing: 240 m
Distance: 6.29 km
Time: 39:54
Pace: 7:15 min/km
Route pace: 6:21 min/km
Nice technical competition. The course was like middle should be - first part was very stony and it was difficult to read a map when running, then fast open forest followed and technical stones once again. The rest of course was in thick bushes where bush-avoiding route selection was necessary. In my opinion, every control was able to be found by precise mapping and careful selection of reliable attacking points.

I made a bigger mistakes at 15, 16 control and on the way to the 23 where I visit (and this visit was planned) the control no. 25 after the 23. Finally, it was not as big mistake as I thought when I was there.

Generally, the map was a good quality, but some places proved, that using an old map when making the new one is a bad way. The distortion of map is visible at controls 5,7,15 and 16. Why? Because these areas were almost same as on the old map (which was made roughly 10 years ago) so the map was copied into the new one. At places, where totally new mapping was required because of thunderstorm (20-25), the object positioning was very fine and exact. If the old map was not be used as basemap, the map would be exact everywhere ... So - dont use an old map as a basemap, please!
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Czech Middle Championship - final (10/06/2012) Czech Middle Championship - final (10/06/2012)