TC Vidnava - Middle (08/04/2012)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Kaltenstejn
Organiser: ZBM
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle
Straight-line distance: 4.60 km
Route distance: 5.26 km
Time: 34:24
Straight-line pace: 7:29 min/km
Route pace: 6:32 min/km
Very tough training. There was a wild forest in steep slopes of Jeseniky mountains, full of stones varying in size, rocky field of various density, mainly closed by spruce overgrowth. These features were covered with a film of snow, which made it very slippery. It wasn't almost able to read a map when running. My aim was to do a clean orienteering without mistakes. I succeed (8th control was on wrong place).
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TC Vidnava - Middle (08/04/2012) TC Vidnava - Middle (08/04/2012)