CESOM 2012 - long (01/04/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Borsky Mikulas
Organiser: Rapid Bratislava
Country: SVK
Discipline: long
Route distance: 19.35 km
Time: 83:58
The very fastest long distance that I've ever ran, average speed of 18km long competition was 4:20 min/km. Much more unbelieveable is, that I got 6 minutes from Tomas Dlabaja when I've made no mistake. Yeah, it is first time when I was not totally exhausted after long distance, so maybe I could run faster, but definitely - he must ran really like a hell. (Or I am too weak.)
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CESOM 2012 - long (01/04/2012) CESOM 2012 - long (01/04/2012)