CESOM 2012 - sprint (31/03/2012)
Category: Competition with GPS
Map/area: Borsky Milkulas
Organiser: Rapid Bratislava
Country: SVK
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 3.23 km
Time: 12:56
One of the worst sprints I've visited during last time. Major part of the course was the stupid running without route choices ... That is a pity that organizers didn't use that forest part, which was clean and very very fast - I can't realize better terrain for forest sprint.

My performance was poor, I made 2 mistakes. Also I wasn't able to improve my speed - I was as same fast as at the forest. Maybe because I wasn't running on the hard surface for very long time ...
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CESOM 2012 - sprint (31/03/2012) CESOM 2012 - sprint (31/03/2012)