Night-O training (23/03/2012)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Ferdinand
Country: CZE
Discipline: middle distance with mass start
Route distance: 7.44 km
Time: 49:31
Night training without any flags or stripes. Terrain is a blackberry hell - many parts are really impenetrable :-) It is old mining area and at some places compass works wrong. Maybe I have an old compass, maybe map is wrong, maybe my skills are wrong, but something is strange - to the 7, 11 and 14th control I kept direction very carefully, but I went wrong ... But it doesn't matter. Finally it was a good experience and useful training which give me an impulse, that there is a lot of work still left before Tiomila ...
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Night-O training (23/03/2012) Night-O training (23/03/2012)