Night ultralong (03/03/2013)
Category: Training with GPS
Map/area: Březina, Zadní Hády, Přední Hády
Country: CZE
Discipline: coridor, contour map, normal (old) map
Straight-line distance: 20.00 km
Route distance: 21.49 km
Time: 130:30
Straight-line pace: 6:32 min/km
Route pace: 6:04 min/km
Very nice and very long night training in surroundinds of my home. First part was something like corridor, then contour training on map from 1985 in bushy terrain. Here I made a mistake at 2nd control when I found another pit and at number 6 because I can't keep direction in bushes. Last part I went well, but was also much more easy. I enjoyed it a lot!
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Night ultralong (03/03/2013) Night ultralong (03/03/2013)