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welcome to my personal site. The aim of these pages is not to show how good I am, because I know that what I have learnt and what I have achieved is only a small needle comparing to big heaps which should have right to present their skills, knowledge and results, here, on the Internet. Begining with my English, there are a lot of things which could be improved. The aim of these pages is quite different - it works as my own memory. Sometimes I am asked for some things which happened few years before and I am not able to answer because I don't remember them. These pages should contain answers to these questions. So, welcome at my "memory".

Adam Chromý

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Latest news

Finished another 2 maps with area of 27.9 km2 for French national team and French national Championships. You can check list of my orienteering maps. This is my 40. orienteering map I have made.

Mapped another small orienteering map in my home town Brno.

CV was updated with finished PhD study.

List of publications was updated with latest conference paper.

Updated list of publications with latest conference paper, article in impacted journal and doctoral thesis.

Adam Chromý
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Czech Republic

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